How Pre K Curriculum Helps Foster Brilliant Minds

    Pre-schoolers often have the opportunity to learn at their own space. Although they are not required to master the concepts they are presented with, early exposure to the fundamentals of reading, writing, math and social interaction can benefit them all throughout life. Following are six aspects of pre k curriculum that help kindergartners thrive. We compiled this list from multiple sources but mainly looked at Frog Street Pre Kindergarten Curriculum.


    Core curriculum standards for kindergartners include a heavy focus on complex mathematical ideas including rudimentary geometry and algebra. Fortunately, these are ideas that kids can become familiar with before kindergarten through pre k curriculum. Among these are shape recognition, sorting according to physical attributes such as size, shape and color, recognition of basic geometric shapes such as rectangles, squares, diamonds, triangles and circles and the ability to match symbols. Preschool students additionally learn to recognize and write numerals one through ten and practice counting and quantifying objects.


    The basic fundamentals of reading are taught in these environments as well. Kids learn the alphabet, letter sounds and letter names. Upon leaving preschool, most students will know how to spell and write their first names. Throughout the learning process, these youngsters will be improving their fine motor skills with practice in holding and manipulating writing implements, using scissors and engaging in other hands-on activities. The will also be building better listening skills and larger and more robust vocabularies.


    Pre k curriculum often has a science component. Students have the opportunity to learn about plant life, weather and insects. Science can additional include studies of primary colors, color mixing, animal investigations, nature walks and indoor and outdoor gardening. These studies awaken curiosity and encourage children to look for answers to their own questions.


    Technology is progressing at such a rapid rate that even early learners require basic comprehension of how technical tools work and how to use them. Much of pre k curriculum is often presented to students via tablets or computers so that these children become familiar with using programs to create pictures, stories and other works of art. They can learn how to negotiate the mouse and often visit education-oriented websites to learn new skills.

    Social Development

    Early learning also helps to foster good social development so that young children are ready for the social demands of kindergarten and the formal learning environment overall. A very large part of pre k curriculum is focused on learning and practicing good manners, establishing a code of personal responsibility and devising and implementing acceptable solutions to social problems. With dramatic improvements in their vocabularies, kids with preschool exposure also become adept at expressing themselves clearly.

    Creative Arts

    Pre k curriculum also has a strong focus on creative expression. Kids get the opportunity to weave, paint, draw, play with modeling clay and experiment with musical instruments. They can learn how to tell and even dramatize their own stories, create dances and create collages. This gives them a chance to experiment with color mixing and many different artistic mediums. These projects often enhance social skills, particularly when completed in groups.

    Improve Pancreas Health With Turmeric

    Derived from the root of the curcuma longa plant, turmeric curcumin has become in the last few years one of the most well-known substances that not only is perfect for cooking a lot of delicious dishes, but at the same time it also has many medicinal properties, including helping you relieve joint pain, inflammation, improve brain function and so forth. The good news is that turmeric can also help people who suffer from cancer and even prevent cancer as we’re going to see in the paragraphs below.

    Get It From A Reputable Seller

    Since the turmeric curcumin craze stared a few years ago, a lot of people have become interested in turmeric and wanted to buy a lot of it. A lot of shady people though saw a great opportunity in this and that is why they came up with a variant of turmeric that is not actually the real deal. Thus, many people got and are still getting scammed of their hard earned money because they don’t get it from an authorized and well reputed seller. To avoid finding yourself in a similar situation, always make sure to do your homework well before buying turmeric curcumin from the first seller you encounter online.

    Pancreatic cancer

    There are many studies that clearly prove the fact that turmeric curcumin can easily prevent the growth of pancreatic cancer cells. In fact, a recent study proved the fact that curcumin managed to successfully inhibit the production of a protein called interleukin eight which is produced by white blood cells that eventually contribute to the growth of cancerous tumors.


    Cystic fibrosis is a disorder that mainly originates in the sweat and mucus glands and it can affect the entire body. What this means is that if you suffer from it, your mucus is going to get thicker, block pancreatic ducts and also become sticky. When this happens, the digestive enzymes that your pancreas produces will be unable to reach the small intestine and help with breaking down the food. This eventually leads to a poor absorption of vitamins, proteins and finally malnutrition. The good news is that turmeric’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects prevent this by effectively correctly the genetic defect that causes cystic fibrosis.


    By improving the insulin activity, glucose metabolism and by lowering the blood sugar levels in people suffering from diabetes, turmeric can easily help you as a sufferer lead a better life. This is especially true in those who suffer from type two diabetes.

    Skincare Advice For Young Women

    In order to keep your skin looking young, supple and soft, you should come up with a skincare routine that is perfectly suited for your skin type and then follow it religiously. When deciding on a skincare routine though, you need to take into consideration your current health condition, the way your skin looks and whether or not you have blemishes or wrinkles. By assessing it this way, you’ll be able to select the right products for making your skin look younger.

    The benefits of using phytoceramides

    If you’re really serious about having more beautiful, softer and overall younger looking skin, you should know that phytoceramides from rice are probably the best anti-aging supplements you can currently get. Since they are derived from rice, you have the peace of mind that they really work and will offer you the benefits you’re looking for. Better yet, they are also made in the United States and are fortified with Vitamins A, C, D, E which means they are much more potent than any other similar supplements you’ll find on the market.

    Getting the glow

    One very important part of being a young and also beautiful woman is having a naturally soft, radiant and glowing skin. In order to make sure you’ll maintain these qualities you need to start drinking about twelve glasses of water per day. This way your body will be able to flush out toxins and build your immune system so you can have more beautiful skin.

    Exercising is also very important and you’ll need to do some sort of oxygenating workouts every single day or at least 3 days a week. This can be anything from just talking a walk, working in the garden or anything similar.


    Since you’re a young woman, it’s only natural that you’re going to experience a lot of fluctuating hormonal changes over time and this will certainly lead to acne. Not only that, but if you’re stressed this will also lead to acne. However, if you have zits it’s not recommended that you squeeze, pluck or pop them because this inflames your skin and only makes things worse for you. Instead, use a cream based cleanser to wash your face at night and then rinse it in the morning by using warm water.


    Last but not least, make sure you always use sunscreen with a SPF of minimum 25 and moisturize your face every day. This includes in the morning, probably during the day depending on how dry your skin is and before you go to sleep.