Benefits Of A Custom Automobile Paint Job

When comparing a standard paint job for your automobile to a custom paint job, you will discover far more benefits from the latter. Especially if you are restoring a classic car, investing in a custom paint job is well worth the financial investment.


As expected, with a custom paint job, your vehicle will not only look brand new but also have its own personal style. When a professional does a custom job, the work is impeccable.

More Options

By choosing custom over factory-issued paint, you have the advantage of choosing far more colors but also types of paint. The professional can also come up with a completely new color unlike anything else on the market. The result is a unique automobile that you can be proud of owning.

Resell Value

The resell value of your automobile will also increase thanks to a custom paint job. The amount of value increase will depend on a number of factors, including the paint color, type, style, any enhancements (for example a good lock security provided by San Diego Locksmith Company) or special effects, and, of course, the caliber of work performed.

Reversed Damage

Unfortunately, vehicles get damaged due to debris and environment. The good news is that with a custom paint job, elements of wear and tear on your automobile will be reversed. Whether damage was caused by acid rain, sunlight, road salt, sand, or flying gravel, the outer beauty of your vehicle will be restored with a custom paint job.

Long-Lasting Solution

As opposed to having your vehicle painted with standard paint, a custom job will last for decades. When the work is performed by a qualified painter, custom paint becomes a permanent solution.


Depending on what look you want, custom paint can be used to create unique finishes and incredible illusions. For instance, layered colors, ghost flames, and much more can be created upon request.

Wrap Versus Paint

Obviously, there are many exciting benefits of choosing to have your automobile custom painted, but another option is wrapping. A vinyl wrap is a removable layer that looks like custom paint. Wraps come in different finishes that include satin, metallic, and matte; they are easy to change out to different colors; and unique effects can be created. Wraps are also chip and scratch resistant while being designed to protect the vehicle’s original paint. Although not for everyone, if you find a custom paint job too far outside the budget, a wrap is a great alternative.

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