Blurb Review

Blurb is a well-renowned company that offers print-on-demand services, and the best part? It gives you multiple options for making books, and you can either use web-based Bookify, their BookSmart software, a plugin or even create a PDF file for printing.

Compared to other services, Blurb is far much better because it gives you the responsibility to decide the design of your book. If you need to make custom layouts and designs, it is time you consider downloading Blurb’s BookWright software. Alternatively, you can use the online photo editor where you just put your photos into pre-made layouts. However, the cover and size options are limited.

If you opt to use the online book editor, you can make changes to the background of the layouts and pages. It has an autofill feature that places all your photos ready for you. Blurbs also makes custom photo books from your Instagram, Facebook and other sharing sites. Rather than uploading photos from these sites, it only makes a book out of the photos together with the captions they had.

In addition to offering unique features, Blurbs also provides atypical sizing options. The books are not in standard sizes but the cover options are limited and standard. You can either choose from a hard cover, soft cover, or an image cloaked around a cover.

Although the size of the book is somehow odd, its quality is top-notch. The book is well-maintained! It comes with a protective front and back page, a sturdy cover, and matte pages that do not show fingerprints. Not to forget, the image quality is vivid and sharp particularly if you made use of high-resolution photos. However, if you made use of low-quality photos, expect it to be noticed in the final product. It is all about the quality of the photos that you used!

In average, it takes approximately two to three days to process and finally ship your book. However, in case you will need your book to be delivered fast, overnight shipping can be arranged. The online photo editor is easy and user-friendly. This means that everybody, you included, can use it without experiencing any difficulties. By simply hovering the over buttons, you will get all the tips you need.

Blurb’s website has a live chart option, email and a FAQs page making it extremely easy for you to raise questions and concerns. Yes, it is easy to use, but they do not take assumptions that you will not experience difficulties. Feel free to raise your concerns through these avenues.


Has the option where you can design the book on your own.


It does not provide standard sizing options.

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