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I have commissioned a moving company to assist me and my family for our move. We just bought a new house in San Diego and it is a lot bigger than our new home. Unfortunately, everyone is busy with their own stuff and we have no time to prepare. So a buddy from work recommended hiring moving men. The first thing he said, “get an estimate.” What is an estimate? This is the estimated amount you will be spending if you availed of services from a moving company. In order to get an estimate, you have to fill out a form on their website. The website is actually a calculator. You provide information like the address of your old and new home. Moving size, moving date and of course, moving services. After I got the estimate, to be honest it was too much than I expected.

Your Options

The lesson I can share to everyone planning to avail of moving services is to check your options. The services I availed were a full professional moving service. That included everything from packing, loading and driving the moving truck. I then checked other services like truck rental and self-service movers. Truck rental is when you rent a moving truck and then you take care of everything. This is a lot cheaper but more work. With self-service movers, you get a truck and the driver. I had two weeks to prepare and the only choice I had was rent a moving truck. The moving company gave me some cool tips to speed up packing and keep things organized.

Residential Moving Services

These services include packing. Their method is to write a checklist of all the items you want to bring and the stuff you want to leave behind. Everything that is fragile is covered with wadded up packing paper or newspaper. They make sure the box is heavier on the bottom and sealed up pretty good. Instead of availing of these services, the company just shared the information. So that is just what we did. I even asked everyone to make their own list of items they want to take with them. Everything went smoothly and conveniently from then on. Those residential moving services or tips really helped. Another great tip, avoid rainy days when moving, keep it sunny all day long.

Choose a trustworthy moving company

One warning: stay away from scammers. Robbers pretending to work for a residential moving services company is a rising crime these days. That is why don’t rely on the internet alone when finding an efficient moving company. If you did choose one, make sure they have a head office, business permit and their own rental trucks. Ask former customers about the credibility of this company you chose. You need someone trustworthy to handle and transport your belongings.

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